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Higher Purpose Counselling understands that life throws many different things at you, at different stages in life.  We are hear to support you in your journey of coming out the other side, happier, stronger and confident. 


Treatment and therapy for a range of anxiety related concerns including social anxiety, fear of public speaking, excessive worry, performance anxiety, panic attacks, health anxiety, work anxiety, and generalised anxiety.


Grief & Loss

Dealing with loss of loved ones, family or friends through death or illness or other life circumstances


Perinatal Grief

Dealing with the loss of a baby through pregnancy, birth or the first couple of months of life. 



Depression comes in all forms, such as mood swings, feeling down or sad, lacking energy or enthusiasm, feeling motivated or having difficulty enjoying experiences as much as you like. 



Difficulties in relationships with partners or spouses, family, colleagues, or friends. Issues such as communication, conflict resolution, beginning relationships, dating, relationship breakdown, or difficulty forming or maintaining healthy relationships. 

Couples Counselling is offered with an option to have both Jason and Donna in the one session.


Workplace Related Issues

Counselling for workplace issues such as work stress, assertiveness at work, conflict resolution, communication and interpersonal skills, performance enhancement, time management, procrastination, managing workloads, retrenchment, unemployment, career instability, workplace bullying, career change, and burnout.


Confidence & Self Esteem 

Therapy and counselling to help you build personal, social, or professional confidence, including issues of self-worth, capability & competence, achievement, meaning, and belonging.

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